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The Illustrated Guide to Bicycle Seats is more illustrated with direct links to other interesting bicycle seat studies and information throughout the text. Finding the Perfect Bicycle Seat is more research oriented and summarizes many of the major bicycle seat studies as they relate to the rider’s anatomy and physiology (it gets a bit more scientific).

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The Illustrated Guide to Bicycle Seats

Did your current saddle come with your bike when you bought it? Is it one your riding buddy recommended, or that looked cool in the store? Do you have issues with your saddle and don’t know how to make a better choice to replace it? Don’t waste your time selecting seats based on looks, luck and what works for someone else. In this fully illustrated and easy-to-understand guide, Joshua Cohen tells you exactly what to look for when selecting a bicycle seat based on your riding style, anatomy, and typical riding position – the main factors affecting saddle comfort.

Cohen combines his extensive knowledge of biomechanics (he has a Master’s degree in Biomechanics and Human Movement Science), anatomy (he’s also a physical therapist), seat design now available internationally and has been in the industry for over 10 years), and the latest saddle research (he has researched and published in scholarly journals on the topic) in this informative and relevant guide.

Cohen discusses recent changes in seat designs and how they can impact and improve your comfort and performance on the bike. The Illustrated Guide also contains numerous links to additional research and articles by the author and others for those who want to take a deeper dive into the topic. When combined with his creative and illustrative graphics (see actual pages below), this is an eBook that every person who rides or sells bicycle seats should read to get the facts and avoid being lured by “marketing-driven” saddle designs. (20 pgs with extensive diagrams and graphics)


Finding the Perfect Bicycle Seat

  • This is THE bicycle saddle book to read to understand all of the latest research for men and women! Includes illustrations, figures, and animations from many of the studies to make the complex interaction between the rider and the saddle easy to understand. This book will help you finally understand why your saddle feels so uncomfortable and what to look for when choosing your next saddle to save you time, money and avoid pain!
  • The author, Joshua Cohen PT, MS, is a physical therapist and lifelong road cyclist. He holds a master’s degree in human movement with a specialty in biomechanics and orthopedics with a supporting area in product design. He has researched ergonomic bicycle saddle design extensively and has designed and patented bicycle saddles as well as providing expert consulting services on the topic.
  • This is a digital eBook. You will be able to download the .pdf file after purchase.


  • “I have been cycling for six months and having problems. Your in-depth information is well worth the money!” – Richard A.
  • “I found Finding the Perfect Bicycle Seat very helpful and to the point. After starting to read it I couldn’t put it down.” – Stephen F.
  • “My wife just read a couple of chapters and was impressed with how understandable you made such a complicated subject.” – Carl S.
  • “This is just what the bicycle community needs. Finding the Perfect Bicycle Seat is very informative . . . I really like the way it shows the rider spine and pelvis. Superb! Just the photos helped a lot.” – Gary A.