Go fast with greater comfort


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"I found myself regularly powering up steep climbs seated."
"There's nothing there to cause friction or impede a smooth pedal turn."
"Impressive minimalist saddle for all-round road duties ."
Designed for Improved Support
Kontact Seat
Kontact's flatter surface prevents the center of the seat from pressing up in between the sit bones. This improves blood flow and reduces pressure on sensitive nerves.
Other seats
Don't let wider seats fool you! The support surface often drops off quickly and causes the center to press up in between the sit bones, causing increased pressure.
Kontact bicycle saddle diagram
  1. A flatter rear section provides proper sit bone support and eliminates central pressure on delicate tissues.
  2. The patented, angled design increases sitting area, eliminates numbness, and allows the rider to pedal comfortably while sitting on the supportive rear area.
  3. The low profile nose frees up space for the legs to spin more smoothly at any cadence.

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